Grow Your Own

For many, smoking marijuana has a lot of negative connotations. But those who are more familiar (and experienced) know that the couch-dwelling, snack-obsessed stereotype is only one of many different possible outcomes of smoking weed; it can also be a tool for great productivity, focus and serenity. It all depends on the strain, and there’s a strain for everything! Finding the right strain for you is a highly individual process and you will likely have to experiment before finding the exact one that fits your needs, but we can give you a few recommendations to start off with. First, let’s begin with some frequently asked questions:

Why Should I Grow My Own?

It’s cheaper, more discreet than buying at a dispensary, you’re in full control and it’s relatively easy to do! Not to mention the feeling of accomplishment that comes with successfully raising your own plants.

Is Growing/Smoking Weed Legal?

A tricky question, and one without a simple answer. We’ve dedicated a separate article to it, so see our Legal section for more. Always check your local laws and make sure that you’re not violating any of them, as they differ wildly from country to country (and from state to state, if you’re in the US).

Is It Difficult To Grow Your Own?

Not really! It requires many of the same considerations as growing any other plant; lighting, temperature, humidity, watering, ventilation, etc. Click here to learn what’s needed to grow just one plant at home!

What Would You Like To Treat?