CBD For Pets

Whether you or your pet is the one suffering from a health issue, you’ve undoubtedly stumbled across the mention of CBD – the seemingly miraculous wonder remedy! Researchers are turning their attention to it in greater numbers and preliminary animal trials have found a whole host of beneficial effects from CBD in rats & mice. Just as CBD is helping humans in ever-increasing numbers, CBD could help your dog or cat too. Since dogs and cats are not susceptible to placebo-effects, any observed benefits of CBD oil in pets are true examples of its effectiveness!

How Does It Work? What Are The Benefits?

CBD oil is used – in both humans and animals – to treat everything from seizures, anxiety, nausea, pain, gastrointestinal issues and even cancer symptoms. CBD works by utilizing the body’s own naturally-produced cannabinoids, as part of the endocannabinoid system. Cannabinoid receptors run throughout the entire body, and CBD interacts with them to modulate various things like anxiety, pain and sleep. By taking CBD orally, you provide the endocannabinoid system with what it needs to do its job more effectively, with a whole host of documented benefits. While research into CBD is in its infancy (for human use, let alone animals) there is much promising preliminary research out there and a growing demand for further study as the CBD industry continues to boom. There is also a huge amount of anecdotal evidence from CBD users around the world who can attest to the great benefits it has had for their beloved pets.

Is CBD Safe For Dogs & Cats?

CBD beats out many traditional medicines in that it doesn’t produce any life-threatening side effects and doesn’t damage the liver, kidneys or gastrointestinal tract. As CBD is not psychoactive, your pet also won’t be “high” or sedated. Although there have been no scientific studies into the effects of CBD on cats and dogs, it seems that the main concern to keep in mind is dosage. Accidentally overdosing your pet can result in adverse effects such as decreased appetite and diarrhoea. The safest way to introduce your pets to CBD treats or oil is to start low and slow, giving a small dosage and upping it gradually until the desired effect is achieved. Further to this point, do your research before purchasing a CBD pet product. While most CBD products contain either no THC (the psychoactive component of cannabis) or such a tiny percentage that it is ineffective, overdosing your pet on CBD products with even a small THC component could theoretically result in some sort of “high”. This is unlikely, but the best way to avoid the possibility completely is to use good quality products with pure CBD oil. The most transparent suppliers produce verified third-party testing results of their CBD oils to prove their purity, and it’s wisest to purchase your pet products from these companies. See our recommended pet products at the bottom of this article!

What Are the Potential Risks?

CBD is not a cure-all, no matter what some sources may claim. There are many anecdotes about it being effective in helping animals, but it’s not advised to switch immediately from a pet’s prescribed medicine to any alternative remedy. It’s wise to consult your vet before making any changes, especially if your pet is already taking medication. While CBD itself is fine to give to pets, cannabis itself is not. There are plenty of documented cases of marijuana toxicity in animals who have unwittingly nibbled on the leaves, so keep this in mind if you have plants in your house. As previously stated, overdosing poses its own set of risks so be sure to practice caution with your dosing and increase it slowly. Always monitor your pet’s behavior. If you suspect something is wrong, discontinue use and take your pet to the vet immediately. That being said, there is no known danger of CBD for pets and for many animal owners it’s worth a try!

Recommended CBD Pet Products

While it may not solve all of your pet’s health problems, there is no evidence that CBD is harmful and many anecdotes from pet owners about its great benefits. So there’s no harm in trying it out! Check out our selection of recommended pet products below.

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