CBD Recipes

The Basics of Cooking With CBD

Use Refined CBD Oils: Filtered, purer CBD oil variants work best for all cooking applications. Unrefined oils with more impurities can feature an unpleasant aftertaste. These lower quality oils still have their uses, though; use them in recipes with stronger flavours, like chocolate.

Choose The Right Carrier: To use CBD oil in your cooking, it must be infused into a fat or oil-based ingredient first. Some good options for this are butter and coconut oil.

Dosage: A safe starting dose is around 10-15mg per serving. It’s always better to start small when cooking with CBD and build up over time, preventing common mistakes such as overpowering flavours, strong effects and wasting of your oil. It’s also wise to start with smaller, experimental batches of your preferred recipes.

Infusing Is Better Than Drizzling: Drizzling is always an option if you’re in a rush, but infusing the oil disguises its flavour in your other ingredients, making for a more pleasant mouthful.

Keep An Eye On The Temperature: CBD will begin to evaporate at temperatures higher than around 320 degrees Fahrenheit (160 Celsius). Though heating CBD reportedly increases its effectiveness, over-heating it will kill off the elective components of the oil (such as terpenes). Overheating CBD oil can also produce a bitter taste.

Stir Often: Be sure to stir your CBD infused ingredients thoroughly to ensure even distribution and keep stirring throughout the cooking process, where possible. This ensures equal potency across every bite of your CBD treats!

Properly Store Your Oil: CBD is sensitive to heat and light. To prevent the degradation of your oil, store it in a cool, dark place when not in use.

Recommended CBD Oils For Cooking

CBD Pure Hemp Oil

BioMD+ CBD Tincture
$60.00 – $100.00

Pinnacle Hemp CBD Oil
$24.99 – $139.99

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CBD Recipe Books

As yet, there isn’t a huge variety of CBD recipes on the net. If you’re serious about incorporating CBD into your cooking, you may need to invest in a cook book! The below suggestions provide an excellent variety of recipe ideas for incorporating CBD into every course.