Best Cannabis Strains For Sleep

Many associate smoking marijuana with the same stereotype, but that is rapidly changing. Marijuana’s huge variety of strains and chemical compositions result in a whole host of effects, many of which promote productivity and relief from various ailments. As CBD products and marijuana use in general become more mainstream, people are beginning to pay attention to the properties of these different strains, selecting the varieties best suited to them. This is highly individual and some experimentation is often required to determine which strain will best suit your symptoms. In this article, we have listed the recommended strains for a range of ailments to make your search a little easier!

Regarding the specifics of growing each strain listed here, we’re not experts. Different strains have different requirements and there is a huge amount of information available out there to help you get started. CLICK HERE to consult our recommended grow guides (all guides provided by You will find all the information you could possibly need over there! If you want more information on any of the strains listed below, clicking the photo or title of each strain will take you to our seed dispensary’s website where you will find all of the specifications you need to make an informed decision. Happy growing!

Bubble Gum


“The Bubble Gum strain is the perfect blend of 50% sativa and 50% indica. This feminized plant is famous for its sweet smell and powerful high. It contains a medium level of CBD, and a whopping 17% THC. And, it actually tastes like bubble gum!

This award-winning hybrid comes with both sativa and indica effects. Consumers of Bubble Gum experience a unique high that blends your up and down euphoric feelings perfectly. It’s commonly recommended by physicians and medical marijuana dispensaries because of its soothing and healing powers.

At first, the Bubble Gum strain will creep up on your like an indica. But, you will soon notice its sativa qualities. It’s the perfect strain of cannabis for smoking during late afternoons with friends. Prepare to be uplifted and ready to entertain and live in the moment.

Bubble Gum cannabis seeds can be planted indoors or outdoors. However, they flourish best in average climates. They grow into high yielding plants, which take about 64 days to flower.”

Northern Lights


“You looking for an easy growing plant that produces enjoyable and long-lasting highs that settle in right away? You are going to love Northern Lights! This strain is what we call ‘word of mouth’ famous. If you’ve heard of any one strain, it’s usually Northern Lights – and for good reason. Its buds drip with resin, it has a short flowering phase, and growers at every level love it!

The name comes from the bud’s coloring. It may feature purples, greens, and more – all of which call to mind the famous Northern Lights!” Provides an easygoing high and profound physical/mental relaxation.

Gorilla Glue

“You are looking for a deep and relaxing experience you can enjoy before bed where a calming heaviness spreads across every inch of your body like a blanket lulling you to sleep? Then you are going to love Gorilla Glue! This strain from ILGM is known for its high THC levels (up to 26%). Our variant is THE favorite strain among both growers and users!” Great relaxing, late night high.

Pure Indica


“As far as marijuana strains go, pure indicas are quite rare. This strain is a favorite for many. It generally gives its user a sense of floating, while their body remains glued to the couch in a delightfully enjoyable way.

As its name implies, this strain is 100% Indica. This pure strain does an excellent job of fighting off certain types of symptoms and ailments, making it the product of choice for some medical patients. The plant itself is rather small and compact.”

Big Bud


“Big Bud is known for giving users happy, elated feelings. It also causes the body to physically relax, making it popular for relieving stress and anxiety and coping with depression. Cultivators boast of its high yields, making it a great choice for commercial growers and home cultivators. It contains a reasonably high THC level of 16%.

Big Bud got its name from the massive buds it produces. These buds are so big,  they make your eyes pop with sheer excitement. This indica comes with a spicy, earthy aroma. You’ll enjoy the sweet fruity flavors, balanced high and smooth toke. It’s a feminized cannabis plant that flourishes best indoors and/or in sunny outdoor climates.”



“Afghan is a very popular indica that delivers a heavy-bodied high. It forms large, fragrant blossoms known for their powers of relaxation. Its high resin content makes it a “go-to” choice for the stressed-out person looking to unwind. Users report feeling strong body highs, while growers boast that it’s a very easy strain to grow, even for beginners.” Great strain for relaxing and unwinding.