Best Cannabis Strains For Inflammation

Many associate smoking marijuana with the same stereotype, but that is rapidly changing. Marijuana’s huge variety of strains and chemical compositions result in a whole host of effects, many of which promote productivity and relief from various ailments. As CBD products and marijuana use in general become more mainstream, people are beginning to pay attention to the properties of these different strains, selecting the varieties best suited to them. This is highly individual and some experimentation is often required to determine which strain will best suit your symptoms. In this article, we have listed the recommended strains for a range of ailments to make your search a little easier!

Regarding the specifics of growing each strain listed here, we’re not experts. Different strains have different requirements and there is a huge amount of information available out there to help you get started. CLICK HERE to consult our recommended grow guides (all guides provided by You will find all the information you could possibly need over there! If you want more information on any of the strains listed below, clicking the photo or title of each strain will take you to our seed dispensary’s website where you will find all of the specifications you need to make an informed decision. Happy growing!



“Afghan is a very popular indica that delivers a heavy-bodied high. It forms large, fragrant blossoms known for their powers of relaxation. Its high resin content makes it a “go-to” choice for the stressed-out person looking to unwind. Users report feeling strong body highs, while growers boast that it’s a very easy strain to grow, even for beginners.”

Chronic Widow


“The Chronic Widow strain delivers an energetic, spacey high. After just one puff, you’ll feel completely stoned. It comes with a spicy yet creamy flavor, with extremely high CBD and THC levels.

Feminized Chronic Widow seeds grow into a smooth strain of cannabis. It is fast-flowering and produces pretty impressive yields. This strain is 65% indica and 35% sativa. Although commonly used for recreational purposes, it has some very effective medicinal uses as well.”



“The Cheese strain is a feminized hybrid from the U.K. This indica-dominant cannabis delivers consistent potency and a distinct, musky flavor. As a direct descendant of the hybrid Skunk #1, its aroma is quite pungent. When cultivated properly, Cheese seeds yield high amounts of marijuana with average THC levels of 14% and quite some CBD.

Cheese cannabis is very easy to grow because it’s so resistant to disease and other environmental conditions. This indica-dominant strain of cannabis can be grown indoors or outdoors. However, yields are higher when cultivated outdoors because this method gives the plants more room for growth.”



“Crystal delivers a well-balanced euphoria that combines a cerebral high with a sedating body effect. This feminized cannabis is 60% indica and 40% sativa. It’s high is very potent, so this strain is not recommended for first-time smokers. However, first-time growers will have no problem cultivating a flourishing crop.

Crystal cannabis seeds grow into strong, resilient plants. The odor is strong, and the buds are absolutely beautiful. Because of its strength, this strain is an excellent candidate for Sea of Green (SCROG) growing techniques. Buds are high in both CBD and THC, and grow into tall plants, best cultivated either indoors or outdoors.”



“Trainwreck is a feminized hybrid with sativa effects so potent they hit you like a freight train. This staple from Northern California brings you a piney, spicy aroma, mixed with the smell of sweet lemon. Featuring a high CBD level and 21% THC, this strain gives you a euphoric high that taps into the happiness and creativity in you.

Trainwreck can be cultivated both outdoors and indoors. Outdoor growers can expect to harvest sometime in early October or mid-November. Indoor growers should see flowering within about 8 weeks. This marijuana strain has strong roots and thick stalks, making it ideal for both home growers and commercial growers.”